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Continental Motors at the AERO 2016 exhibition in Friedrichshafen announced an increase in the service life of the CD-135, CD-155 engines up to 2100 hours.
In connection with this, an updated service bulletin TM TAE 125-0001 Rev 16 Lifetime.
Also, here you can read the official press release of Continental Motors about this topic.
R-Technics company took part in the auction, which was announced by the St. Petersburg State University of Civil Aviation.
Based on the results of consideration of the first parts of applications, it was decided to conclude a contract with R-Technics company. Content of the contract: services to maintain the airworthiness of the Cessna 172 S Skyhawk SP aircraft with the IO-360-L2A engine through the maintenance of the aircraft, including the preparation of the aircraft for operation.
As a first experience in servicing and refining the airworthiness of the Cessna 172 aircraft, an agreement was concluded for the restoration and subsequent maintenance of the Cessna 172S aircraft serial No. 172S10319 after an accident.
At the insistence of the owner, the above-mentioned aircraft was sent by our organization's own transport to the territory of the European Union, where, with the permission of the Federal Air Transport Agency, our specialists, after receiving an expansion of the scope of activities, carried out work to replace parts and assemblies deformed as a result of an aviation accident. An inspection check of the technical condition of the restored aircraft took place with an assessment of good, a set of works was carried out to eliminate the identified shortcomings. Obtained permission to conduct a control flight. The date of the control flight is agreed upon.
As part of the concluded state contracts in early December 2013. with the Federal State Educational Institution of Higher Professional Education "Ulyanovsk Higher Aviation School of Civil Aviation (Institute)" and "Sasovskoye named after the Hero of the Soviet Union Taran G.A. 12 (twelve) MTV-9-К-C/CL240-29 propellers with R-708 fairing were supplied things.
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